Ready to stop feeling TIRED all the time?

Apart from being an experienced Naturopath with over 8 years of clinical practice, I am also a mum, cook, cleaner, mediator, the list goes on….who, like you, can feel worn down by it all.

Welcome , I’m Chantelle

I try my very best to exercise, eat well and cook nutritious food for me and my family but you know that thing called…, well it comes up and some days I slip up! I like to call that reality. And that’s how I work with you, with reality in mind. I know that asking a mum to prepare two different meals at least three times a day can be quite unrealistic, so I make sure I offer you family friendly solutions.

Apart from helping tired and exhausted mums get their energy back, I also help you sleep better, reduce your stress and anxiety, eliminate that uncomfortable bloating and embarrassing wind whilst also getting you to feel great about yourself!

Because I feel that our diet plays such a huge role in our health, I also make sure that you are well prepared on how to eat and cook healthy meals for you and your family.

You will actually be surprised at how changing a few small things in your diet and lifestyle can make you feel so much better. And don’t you want to finally feel better?


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What others say?


“I met Chantelle when I was feeling tired, actually exhausted would be a better word, overweight and beginning to feel that my head was not in the right space.

She listened to me, put me on a path that helped me immensely. I just needed someone to hold my hand for a bit.  The weight came off, the energy came creeping back and the head was clearer.

I cannot thank her enough for walking me through this period and suggest if you feel anything like I did, let her take you by the hand and lead you through it”

--- Rita

… When I first saw Chantelle I had a long list of gut problems due in part to Coeliac disease which I had been recently diagnosed with. Chantelle assisted with the healing of my gut which has left me free of pain and bloating as well as the need to be constantly near a toilet! . I would recommend her and the approach she takes with clients….

--- Alex Lawrence

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