Five Energy Boosting Foods

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more energy

There are two things I often get told that would help make a huge difference to your day. More hours in the day (not going to happen) or more energy  (that one, I can help with!)


No Energy? 5 Signs Your Diet Is To Blame

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diet leaving no energy

 Why Am I So Tired?

I’ll set the familiar scene, it’s 3.15pm and you can feel the heaviness of your eyelids begging you to just let them close for a minute and the same question pops up again, “Why am I so tired?” As you ponder this question for the tenth time you are jolted back to reality because you don’t have time for thinking, the kids will be home soon and you have a million things still to get done. You think you should grab a piece fruit and be healthy but that just won’t cut it so you quickly grab a coffee and some chocolate or biscuits to perk yourself up and get on with it.

How To Identify Food Intolerances and Overcome Them

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elimination diet, food intolerances

My last blog spoke about how food intolerances can effect your energy levels.  This time blog shows you how to identify them and what to do to overcome them.

Here is a Step By Step Guide that helps you identify your food intolerances and how to overcome them. 

How Do Food Intolerances Effect Energy Levels?

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food intolerances, energy, intolerance, bloating

Do you ever feel bloated, wind, diarrhea, headache, tired, exhausted after eating or even have eczema/dermatitis that won’t clear up?

Have you considered food intolerances as the cause?


Which Nurtient Deficiencies Leave You With No Energy?

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which nutrient deficiencies make you tired

What are the symptoms of vitamin B12, iron and folate deficiency, and can they be linked?

I have previously shared with you 9 Reasons Why  You Might Be So Tired.  In this post we look further into nutrient deficiencies and pay close attention to Iron, Vitamin B12 and Folate.

Winter Spice Banana Bread

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gluten free banana bread

This gluten free banana bread has a delightful warming spice flavour to it.  Perfect on a cold winter’s day with a hot cup of tea!

Could An Underactive Thyroid Be Making You So Tired?

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so tired thyroid

Does this sound like you? Cloudy, foggy head, tired, exhausted, struggling to lose weight, constipated, dry flaky skin – and always cold!

Chicken and Lentil Soup

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chicken and lentil soup

In this cold weather, you need comfort food.  Look no further than this hearty chicken soup.


9 Reasons Why You Might Be So Tired

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so tired

Are you dragging yourself out of bed each morning dreading the day ahead because you are so exhausted, but have a ‘to do’ list as long as your arm?


5 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

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I see a lot of women who have terrible sleep and are exhausted day after day. You rely on caffeine and sugar for an energy boost just to get through your busy day. It can become quite a vicious cycle.


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What others say?


“I met Chantelle when I was feeling tired, actually exhausted would be a better word, overweight and beginning to feel that my head was not in the right space.

She listened to me, put me on a path that helped me immensely. I just needed someone to hold my hand for a bit.  The weight came off, the energy came creeping back and the head was clearer.

I cannot thank her enough for walking me through this period and suggest if you feel anything like I did, let her take you by the hand and lead you through it”

--- Rita

… When I first saw Chantelle I had a long list of gut problems due in part to Coeliac disease which I had been recently diagnosed with. Chantelle assisted with the healing of my gut which has left me free of pain and bloating as well as the need to be constantly near a toilet! . I would recommend her and the approach she takes with clients….

--- Alex Lawrence