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I ran my first ever cooking workshop on Saturday 21st February 2015 at the lovely Raw Materials in Footscray.

It was fantastic!  I had a great time presenting, cooking and chatting to the ladies about the effect that foods can have on our bodies.  The main focus was on eating for energy, so ensuring that the food we are eating is giving us energy for the day.  There were a lot of uh-ha moments throughout the workshop.

We dissected a food label in great detail which gave everyone the confidence and knowledge to understand what to look for and be aware of when stalking the aisles of the supermarket.

We made two different smoothies, roasted pumpkin hummus, bliss balls and sat down to a delicious lunch of paprika chicken, falafels and a quinoa tabouli.  MMMMM….this menu sounds very similar to some of the meals on my Free 5 Day Introductory detox!

I should have a date for early May confirmed very soon for the next workshop!  I will be sure to keep you posted!


Here is some lovely feedback I received

Hi Chantelle

Just want to thank you and say how much I enjoyed your Eating for Energy workshop last week.   

The discussion dispelled a couple of myths for me , as well as giving me some ideas for revising my approach to diet and healthier eating .

The lunch was absolutely delicious and clearly demonstrated  how nutritious meals can be easy , and quick, even for those of us who think we are ” time-poor”.( many thanks for the recipes).

I would be pleased if you would keep me posted for any future workshops. – Lesley Naughtin


I am a busy Mum with a husband who works long hours and travels for work a lot! Consequently, I am always “running on empty”. I was inspired to do Chantelle Bell’s “Eating for Energy” workshop as I wanted good recipe ideas that would leave me feeling healthy and energised, instead of that “instant sugar crash and burn” you get from a lot of the snack foods out there. Any information I obtained I knew would also be a bonus as I could share that wisdom and the delicious food, with my family- Fantastic!! I also wanted to learn more about the good foods, the stress foods and how to read a label on the back of a food item.

I thoroughly recommend Chantelle’s workshop for anyone out there who is like me- constantly tired, possibly questioning their food choices, and wanting to provide delicious and healthy meals for their family. Chantelle knows her stuff and is helpful, warm and engaging. I have been impressed that she has followed up on things since her workshop, making herself available for her clients if required. Sadly, you don’t get that kind of professional service much these days -it is so refreshing. Thank you, Chantelle! – Jessica Oliver.

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What others say?


“I met Chantelle when I was feeling tired, actually exhausted would be a better word, overweight and beginning to feel that my head was not in the right space.

She listened to me, put me on a path that helped me immensely. I just needed someone to hold my hand for a bit.  The weight came off, the energy came creeping back and the head was clearer.

I cannot thank her enough for walking me through this period and suggest if you feel anything like I did, let her take you by the hand and lead you through it”

--- Rita

… When I first saw Chantelle I had a long list of gut problems due in part to Coeliac disease which I had been recently diagnosed with. Chantelle assisted with the healing of my gut which has left me free of pain and bloating as well as the need to be constantly near a toilet! . I would recommend her and the approach she takes with clients….

--- Alex Lawrence