Does This Sound Familiar?

  • "What am I going to cook for dinner?"
  • Cooking the same meals week in week out
  • Want to cook meals that are healthy but MUST taste great so the family will eat it too
  • You want dinner ready quickly

Hello there!

I chat with so many women just like you every week.  Something that comes up time and time again is how to make meal planning easy.  You want to feed your family healthy meals but you don't want to be spending hours each day in the kitchen cooking.  If only dinner would cook itself!

This workshop takes the hard work out meal planning.  Imagine having the weeks meals planned out with shopping list ready to go.  When it comes to cooking, each meal takes no more than 30 minutes and the whole family will eat it.  No more preparing two or three different meals each night.

I wrote this Workshop especially for YOU!  As a mum of 2 I understand how crazy and draining your hectic days can be and the last thing you need is the guilt and stress  about not eating well.

Let me help you make it easy!

Chantelle Bell, Naturopath

The Workshop Covers

Date:  Saturday, 8th October 2016
Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Location: Raw Materials, The Studio
48 Cowper Street, Footscray
Cost: $65 (Bring a friend for FREE!)