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Hello there!

I wrote this program especially for mums who are tired and worn out.  As a mum of 2 I understand that some days need to be completely written off and the next day is a whole new day!  But after awhile I find that some of you fall into a trap of poor eating, sugar cravings, low energy, poor sleep and bloated stomachs.

This popular program takes the hard work out of eating well and feeling good.  It’s super easy to follow, tastes great and guaranteed to give you more energy!

Chantelle Bell

  • Your energy will increase
  • Your sugar cravings will reduce
  • You will eat yummy foods
  • You will lose weight
  • Your bloating and fullness will reduce
  • Learn tasty new recipes
  • Identify your bad eating habits and change them for good!

Right now a detailed ebook in on its way to your inbox with:

  • Full menu plan
  • Recipes
  • Shopping list

Over the 5 days you will receive:

  • Email support
  • Support in the private detox forum
  • Extra recipes
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We value your privacy and would never spam you

  • Q.Do I have to fast?

    A.No!  The program has 3 main meals each day plus snacks – you will NOT be hungry!

  • Q.Is the menu vegetarian?

    A.The menu has a mix of vegetarian and meat meals.  If you are vegetarian, just let us know and we will send through some extra veggie meal ideas.

  • Q.Will I be cooking for hours?

    A.No! I understand time is a rarity for exhausted mums.  The menu has a big emphasis on quick and easy meals.

  • Q.Can the family do it also?

    A.Most definitely! No guarantees the fussy eaters will suddenly be gulping it down though!