Success Stories


It has been an absolute pleasure working with Chantelle to overcome some health issues I had.

I went to Chantelle 6 weeks ago with constant nauseousness and occasional vomiting, that regular doctors couldn’t diagnose.

Now I know what my problem was and am now 100% nausea free and eating healthier. 

Thanks heaps Chantelle!!

-- Patsy

I have never previously consulted a Naturopath, and wasn’t sure what to expect.

I was very pleasantly surprised – Chantelle is warm and caring and provided me with a variety of solutions and suggestions to the path of well being.

After a minor accident, where strong medication was prescribed, my gut health was effected, in particular acid reflux, which I had never experienced previously.

Chantelle assisted me greatly, in restoring my ‘inner health’ and put me on the path of recovery.

My health journey is continuing, with the help of Chantelle’s advice and supplements.

If you have ever hesitated in seeking natural remedies, I urge you to speak with Chantelle to assist you.

-- Anne

I was for some time feeling so unwell in my gut, with many issues including bloating, pain, discomfort, weight issues etc

I happened upon Chantelle as I walked past her rooms and noticed her sign on the street saying she could help with all the issues I had.

I walked in immediately and made an appointment and haven’t looked back.

With help, guidance, gentle but firm encouragement from Chantelle and some great products, I am well and much happier with some weight loss!

I’m exceptionally happy and will keep seeing Chantelle when I need too.

I can’t recommend her enough! A beautiful inside and out lady!

-- Melita

“I first met Chantelle earlier this year when we sat at the same table at a Women’s business lunch. At the time I was feeling tired, actually exhausted would be a better word, overweight and beginning to feel that my head was not in the right space. I also used to walk past her door every day but never thought of walking in.

I knew I had to do something, so I tried to go through my options:
• Join a weight loss group, go on Lite’n Easy – this would fix the weight but not everything else.
• See someone to talk about how overwhelmed I felt – fix the head but not the weight and fatigue.
• See Chantelle and work on all of me.

I went with Chantelle and this proved to be exactly what I needed. She listened to me, put me on a path that helped me immensely. I just needed someone to hold my hand for a bit.
The weight came off, the energy came creeping back and the head was clearer.

The detox program was a bit of a challenge but something had to be done. I still incorporate it into my diet when I feel that my body needs a little cleansing.

I cannot thank her enough for walking me through this period and suggest if you feel anything like I did, let her take you by the hand and lead you through it”

-- Rita

… When I first saw Chantelle I had a long list of gut problems due in part to Coeliac disease which I had been recently diagnosed with.

Chantelle assisted with the healing of my gut which has left me free of pain and bloating as well as the need to be constantly near a toilet! Coeliac disease had also left me with nutrient deficiencies which the supplements and diet changes Chantelle prescribed have vastly improved.

Chantelle also identified that my thyroid was not functioning properly due to high levels of stress explaining why I was having trouble losing weight and constantly tired. Chantelle’s recommendations were realistic things I could implement in my life to support my recovery back to full health.

I’m now getting through the day pain free and without the feeling of constant exhaustion. I would recommend her and the approach she takes with clients. …

-- Alex Lawrence

As a mum with 3 kids, I honestly didn’t know how I’d fit a detox program into my already crazy life. I knew I needed to do something to move my extra kilos, but just didn’t feel like I had the energy to do it. Chantelle recommended this program to me during school holidays.

What I found was that by pre-planning and shopping for our meals at the start of the week, meant I didn’t spend any other time thinking about it or shopping during the week. It actually bought me time. By cooking extra at dinner and having it for lunch the next day, again, more time. These things are valuable as a Mum!. I felt good in myself that I was eating such healthy food and trying hard to drink water (which I’m usually terrible at so I carried my drink bottle everywhere). I knew what snacks I could have so I wasn’t hungry and they were always at hand. Aside from the pre-planning at the start of the week, I really didn’t even think about it. We modified meals for the kids so they ate similar to us, but they weren’t up for everything. Without us even asking, I found the kids heading for the fruit bowl instead of the biscuit tin. We even managed a weekend of camping on our first week of detox!

I’m not going to lie though, it wasn’t all rosy – day 3 in particular was terrible for me. I just felt yuk that day – grumpy, irritable and short with everyone. But… the next day I felt amazing, it’s hard to explain but I just felt happy!

That in itself is enough of a reason for me to recommend this program, but we also found that the scales were pretty happy with it too. My husband and I each lost over 4kg in 3 weeks and have incorporated so many of the program’s meals into our everyday menu. So…. don’t wait, get out there. You’ll feel amazing for it!”

-- Sharyn Berry Communications Manager

I have been seeing Chantelle Bell for the last 12 months in her capacity as a Naturopath to assist me with several debilitating health issues. I have found her to be both warm and caring but also extremely professional and diligent in her care of me. She has assisted me greatly in overcoming some severe nerve pain issues, digestion and bowel issues and also improving my immune system and energy levels. She has also helped me to overcome poor sleeping issues and to improve my emotional well being through the support of herbs and supplements.

Having battled repeated bouts of extremely severe shingles that left me with ongoing pain for nearly 2 years as well as multiple bouts of bronchitis that would have me laid up in bed for 3-4 weeks at a time along with bowel issues that often caused me great distress and embarrassment I cannot thank Chantelle enough for the improvement in my quality of life.

She has always made every effort to make herself available to help and guide me through the process of healing my body. I am so glad that I committed my time, energy and resources to working along with Chantelle and I thank her for her commitment to my journey.

I continue to work along with Chantelle in my desire for better health as I understand that it took many years for my body to develop these problems but I am grateful that her knowledge and compassion has brought me to a much happier and more enjoyable place in life and that my body is now letting me enjoy life again!!!

-- Kimberley Rutgers Ascot Vale

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