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Individual Consultations

I talk a lot! In our first consultation which goes for an hour, I will ask you every possible question about your health….feel free to bring notes, timelines are my favourite! I listen, laugh and sometimes cry with my clients. You deserve to have your healthy story heard.

One of my naturopathic principles is to treat the body as a whole; everything is
connected. It’s a real shame as a society that we are fixated on symptomatically
treating and not looking at the cause. Another naturopathic principle is ‘treat the cause, not the symptoms’. How about we get to the bottom of the problem instead of covering it with band-aid solutions that come unstuck.

I guarantee that I assess each and every component of your health to develop the right health plan for you. As previously mentioned, I use simple and realistic ways to help you out and get your health back on track. You will receive a full health assessment and treatment plan so you know exactly the path we are travelling on. We are in this together!

Then we catch up anywhere between two to four weeks later, case dependent of course. All future consultations are booked at this point in alignment with your
treatment plan.

5 Day Introductory Detox

Join the 1,000+ tired mums who have taken this on and are now bouncing around with endless energy!

Follow my easy 5 day menu plan.  Meals can be made in under 30 minutes that the whole family will love!  The food taste great and with 3 meals and snacks each day, you will not go hungry!

  • Increase your energy
  • Lose weight
  • Sleep well
  • Eat better

Start today, it’s FREE!



Cooking Workshops at Your Place!

Do you want to be able to cook healthier food but just unsure of where to start? And certainly don’t want to cook something that ends up in the bin?

Invite a few friends over for a cuppa and let me show you easy and quick ways to boost up the nutritious factor to your meals.

Watch highlights HERE

Three Workshops to choose from:
  • Eating for Energy – Food Solutions for Busy Mums
  • Family Friendly Meal Planning
  • Eating for Weight Loss

Please email me for further information.

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