Pumpkin and Lentil Soup

Pumpkin soup makes a great meal but sometimes you need load of bread to fill you up! In this recipe we add red lentils to bulk it up a bit. They also give it a lovely creamy consistency. Red lentils…

energy snacks
5 Quick and Easy Snacks

I did a survey recently with my clients asking them about their snacking habits, what they snacked on….the good and the bad.  The most popular snacks were; chocolate, fruit, rice crackers and yoghurt.    Chocolate aside these are great snack…

Nutty Chocolate Balls

These Nutty Chocolate Balls are packed with nutrition. Using the following whole foods we can make a nutritious snack to satisfy even the sweetest tooth! The great thing is that they only take 5-10 minutes to prepare and you wouldn’t…

food label made easy
How To Read A Food Label

This is always a really popular topic at my cooking demonstrations and something that I explain with clients, to ensure we have a really good understanding of how to read a food label because it can be quite overwhelming when you…

Hot Cross Buns

Who doesn’t love a hot cross bun?  If you are up to making them from scratch – check out this recipe We use wholemeal spelt flour for this recipe.  What is Spelt?  It’s an acient grain orgianlly used in bread…

Why Am I Always Tired?

How often do you wake up in the morning with that dreaded feeling of facing another day with absolutely no energy? Is this a familiar question you ask yourself, ‘why am I always tired?’ Sometimes it’s not just one factor…

Banana Bread

Stuck with overripe bananas?  Don’t throw them out! Try this delightfully tasty gluten free banana bread. Bananas are a rich source of potassium that may help prevent high blood pressure. They are also a good source of soluble fibre, which can…

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Busy Mums can struggle to get a good breakfast into them. A common question you may ask yourself is ‘what can I eat for breakfast?’ Often you are eating on the run or eating the kids leftovers!Here are three easy…


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