FINALLY, a detox program for tired and exhausted mums
Take the next step And Wake Up each day Feeling GREAT

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Join The Energy Booster Detox Program To Experience:

More Energy
Less Sugar Cravings
Easy family friendly meals
Shift stubborn kilos
Tasty quick recipes
Identify bad eating habits and change them for good
A better night sleep

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I wrote this program for YOU!

I am passionate about helping tired and exhausted mums increase their energy and get back to feeling healthy.

I’ve discovered over the last 14 years while working with tired and exhausted mums, that you are not very good at putting yourself first [actually, terrible at it!].

As a mum of 2 I understand how hectic your days are and how much time you DON'T have.

That's why I have made sure this popular program takes the hard work out of eating well and feeling good.  It’s super easy to follow, tastes great and guaranteed to give you more energy!

Perfect for those who want to Lose Weight, Stop The Sugar Cravings, Have More Energy, Sleep Better And Feel Less Bloated.

Chantelle Xx

It's Your Time to THRIVE

This program Is for You If are:

Fed up with how you feel
Need to shift stubborn kilos
Are committed to make positive changes to your health
Love a menu plan to follow
Ready to take action

This program Is NOT for You If are:

Looking for a quick fix
Not sure if can change your diet
Not ready

What Others Say About The Program!

A huge thank you to Chantelle Bell!!! I recently did Chantelle's Energy Booster Detox Program. 

Okay it took me three attempts, but I finally got there. Apart from dropping a couple of kilo's, the Detox really brought home to me, the impact that the food I was eating had on my body. Not in a "reduce your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar" kind of way. It was more like I got up in the morning and the persistent aches and pains that I couldn’t shake before had disappeared. 

Oh and did I mention, I literally slept through the night? Can't remember when that last happened. The program has had such a significant impact on my understanding of the impact of food on my body that I‘be booked in with Chantelle to learn more


I have been a 1 coffee a day girl since I had my daughter about 5 1/2 years ago… I used it as a crutch, and thought it was how I should start my day to push through the exhausting hours of being a stay at home mum. 

Day 4 of this detox and how wrong was I?!? Absolutely no desire for my Latte and honestly don’t think I’ll reintroduce it. 

Hooray – thanks Chantelle!


Big thanks, I too have learnt a lot. 

The biggest achievement for me has been no sugar for 5 days!!!! 

That’s huge for me as i never miss a day of having sweets. I have so much more energy and I hope to continue. The recipes are great, they’re easy and very tasty even the kids enjoyed some of them.


Only a few days until we begin!

Let's Talk About The Hard Stuff

I don’t think I have the time

Who does?! Don’t worry you won’t be spending hours cooking meals. All meals take less than 30 minutes to prepare with 45% only taking 5 minutes! I used a ‘cook once, eat twice’ philosophy when writing the program.

How much do I have to cut out for my diet?

Not much really, just the foods the foods you *already* know aren't great for you and the ones that make you feel crap! Hello to 5 days with less sugar cravings, wind and bloating.

I’m worried the sugar cravings will make me fail the program

That’s often a big concern.  Those afternoon cravings can be relentless.  The great thing about the detox program is that the meals are balanced to keep your blood sugar stable which is vital in warding off the sugar cravings.

There’s some foods I can’t eat, are there alternatives?

Yes there is. I have many alternative recipes that are detox friendly for those who may be vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, diary free, fructose free (I’ve got LOTS of recipes)

Will I have to buy fancy, hard to get ingredients?

Unless you call chia seeds fancy….? ALL of the ingredients can be bought from your local supermarket.

Will I be hungry?

Not at all. There are three meals a day with snacks.

What to expect

What Will I Experience?

Day 1: Let’s get energized.

Today is the beginning of better health for you. We start the day off with a smoothie. Your day will included 3 meals with snacks, you’re surprised that you don’t actually feel that hungry! We even finish the day with tacos.

Day 2: Starting New Habits

You won’t be spending hours cooking for this detox. Total time for meal prep today is only 55 minutes! That’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks – what will you do with the extra time?

Day 3: Personalized Care

Today is a chance to check in with me with a one on one call. We’ll spend the time focussing on your health, your diet and setting down the foundations for better health. In the evening, you’re invited to join me for a free masterclass on ‘7 ways to wake up your body and get the energy boost you need.

Day 4: So many benefits to eating well! 

You’ll love today’s afternoon tea snack, a guiltfree treat that so good it feels naughty! This new way of eating is really agreeing with you and you can already feel many benefits.

Day 5: New beginnings

Our last days starts us off with pancakes, yum! It might be the last day of the detox but you don’t leave empty handed. I’ve set you up with a meal plan for the next week to help you continue all the good eating habits you’ve just put into place.

You Will Receive

Comprehensive Ebook

Full Menu Plan


Shopping List

PLUS Your Bonuses (valued at $215)

As well as a comprehensive meal plan, recipes and
shopping list to boost your energy, you will also get:

online naturopath

BONUS 1: Detox Check up

A one on one call with Chantelle during the detox to answer any of your questions and help keep you on track

BONUS 2: Additional Seven Day Meal Plan 

Once the detox is done, it's not over! I've prepared a 7 day meal plan for you to keep up all the great work you have done over the detox

BONUS 3: The Private 'Energy Boosting Detox VIP' Forum

  • Get the support and encouragement from Chantelle and this wonderful nurturing group of women to keep you motivated to getting on the right path.


I Recently Completed The Energy Booster Detox Program And Have Continued On With The Recipes And I Am So Pleased With Results. I Have Been Able To Sleep Well Which I Cannot Remember The Last Time I Have Been Able To Do This, My Chronic Aching Has Gone, I Have Energy Again! PLUS I Have Lost Weight Which I Find Really Difficult With My Thyroid Issues. The Support Chantelle Has Offered Throughout Is Amazing And I Would Definitely Recommend For People To Jump Onto The Next Detox Program! Thanks So Much For Showing Me A New Way Of Eating"


Energy Booster Detox Program

Here's What You'll Get:

Energy Booster Detox Meal Plan
Shopping List
Detox success checklist
[BONUS] Detox check in call with Chantelle
[BONUS] Extra 7 day meal plan

$359 Value, available for...

Just $79 Today

Only a few days
until we begin!

“Chantelle is so understanding & compassionate! I’m on Day 3 of the recommended detox and I noticed changes on Day 1!!! My persistent liver pain has gone & I’m so determined to continue my health journey with Chantelle’s support. Definitely recommend!!”

- Kelli Wain

About Chantelle

Chantelle’s BIG passion is helping tired and exhausted mums get their energy and spark back.
In addition to this popular online detox program that over 2000 women have joined, Chantelle has been successfully practicing as a naturopath for over 15 years.

She is also a mum herself and is well aware of how hectic your days are. That’s why all of her programs are practical, easy to follow and family friendly. She understands you.

As your coach for the Energy Booster Detox Program, Chantelle has the experience and track record to help you take the next step to get your energy back and say goodbye to the afternoon energy slump once and for all!

Copyright 2022 - Chantelle Bell, Naturopath - All Rights Reserved


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5 Day Detox Program


More Energy
Less Sugar Cravings
Easy Family Friendly Meals
Shift Stubborn Kilos
Tasty Quick Recipes
A better night sleep

The support Chantelle has offered throughout is amazing and I would definitely recommend for people to jump onto the next detox program! Thanks so much for showing me a new way of eating!


Satisfied Detoxer



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