No Energy? 5 Signs Your Diet Is To Blame

 Why Am I So Tired?

Constantly feeling like you have no energy?

I’ll set the familiar scene, it’s 3.15pm and you can feel the heaviness of your eyelids begging you to just let them close for a minute and the same question pops up again, “Why am I so tired?” As you ponder this question for the tenth time you are jolted back to reality because you don’t have time for thinking, the kids will be home soon and you have a million things still to get done. You think you should grab a piece fruit and be healthy but that just won’t cut it so you quickly grab a coffee and some chocolate or biscuits to perk yourself up and get on with it.

You’ve had your quick fix, got some energy BUT back to that question….’Why am I so tired?’

I recently surveyed over 100  women and found that 89% of you noticed that what you ate directly affected your
energy levels with snacks (chocolate, chips, sweets, coffee) being the BIGGEST downfall of your diet.  This handy
infographic  shows the rest of the results.

This rollercoaster of energy highs and lows do not address the cause of your fatigue, but simple changes to your diet can.

Here are five reasons why it may be your diet that is making you so tired.

1) Chocolate as an energy fix

A quick chocolate/sugar hit is a fast way to get
energy. As a large amount of sugar is “dumped” into our bloodstream, insulin levels spike allowing it into cells for use as energy. This reaction can be too effective, making our blood sugar and energy levels drop to lower than normal.

This creates a nasty cycle of tiredness, you are stuck on the up and down energy rollercoaster, reaching for something quick and easy and
normally sweet to boost your energy but then not long after you are tired all over again. Sometimes, we can set off this cycle by…(see #2)

No energy

TIP: Grab a snack with substance; nuts, seeds, hummus, boiled egg, guacamole etc

2) Lack of Planning

We’ve all been there, it was a crazy morning, you ran out of time to make your lunch but you are so busy getting things done, you didn’t have time to eat, so you grab some chocolate for a quick ‘pick me up’ because you have the ‘hangrys’ (hungry + angry). That weak, lightheaded, desperation-filled feeling is called reactive hypoglycaemia, which means that it feels like (and sometimes is) low blood sugar. Taking an extra 10 minutes before you go shopping to plan your meals for the week, can save you a few hours during the week.

TIP: Plan your meals. (Grab your weekly meal planner HERE )

3) Overeating

When something changes slowly, we often don’t notice it (hello waistline), and ever-increasing portion sizes are no
exception. For example, the soft drink sizes in US branches of McDonald’s have grown from 210mL in the 1950s to
options ranging from around 400 to 950mL today!

Even at home, the size of our dinner plate has grown by 36% since 1960. Companies that sell pre-packaged foods
often also sell “upgrades” for less than a dollar, which seem like a bargain but often have more than double the kilojoules!

TIP: Using smaller plates and bowls, self-portioning and avoiding “seconds” can help prevent over-eating. 

4) Caffeine as a Crutch

I am sure you are familiar with this saying…..’But first, Coffee’. Many of us rely on coffee to get us through the day…and sometimes nights. While one in the morning may not be so bad, having a few coffees during the day or too late in the day, can set off a cycle of fatigue. Caffeine boosts dopamine, which blocks receptors in the brain that tell you when you’re tired, so often we only think that we’re energised.

TIP: 1 coffee a day and no coffee after 2pm

5) Dehydration

Fatigue can be caused by something as simple as not drinking enough water. In one study, 26 young men had to perform three
exercise tests.  They were sorted into three groups.  Two of the groups were not allowed to drink water while exercising and
therefore making them dehydrated.  Tests performed after exercise found the dehydrated groups had reduced visual vigilance, memory ability and had a significant greater level of fatigue.

Out in the real world, this is a familiar situation after a hectic day
fueled by a few coffees and no water.

TIP:  Herbal tea, mineral water and soups can all contribute to your daily water intake.

Can you relate to these signs?  I see a lot of women in my clinic who are stuck on this up and down energy roller coaster and are overwhelmed and exhausted but not sure where to start to get more energy.

Join My Energy Booster Detox Program.  I wrote this challenge for you!  Over the last ten years I have worked with many mums who are tired and exhausted.  My experience and also being a mum allows me to understand how hectic your days are and why you feel so exhausted.

This popular detox takes the hard work out of eating well and feeling good.  It’s super easy to follow and guaranteed to give you more energy! Watch this video to find out more.



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