I am a caring, professional and vibrant practitioner thriving in this industry over the last 13 years.

I am experienced and educated in treating many women’s health conditions but have a particular interest in low energy, digestive problems, hot flushes/menopausal changes, PMS/PMDD, and underactive thyroid.

One of my naturopathic principles is to treat the body as a whole; everything is connected. It’s a real shame as a society that we are fixated on symptomatically treating and not looking at the cause. Another naturopathic principle is ‘treat the cause, not the symptoms’. How about we get to the bottom of the problem instead of covering it with band-aid solutions that come unstuck.

I am a unique and practical practitioner, where I will motivate and educate you to implement easy but effective strategies into your daily routine without hassle. This allows you to take control of your health and improve your wellbeing while I’m on the sidelines guiding and cheering you on!

Benefits To You

This naturopathic approach to health enables the body to begin the healing process. The following benefits can be achieved, some just after only a week of treatment:

Increase your energy actually wake up ready to take on the day and no more 3.30itis

Reduce hot flushes – stop peeling of the layers of clothes during the day and actually sleep through the night without being woken by a hot flush

Hormonal balance – Don’t dread the week leading up to your period with irritable moods, PMS or even PMDD. Regulate your cycle, reduce period pain and get a grip on your hormones.

Achievable weight loss through sensible diet and exercise

Sleep better!  Overactive mind stopping you from falling asleep? Fall asleep quicker and stay asleep resulting in sanity and more energy the next day

Fatty liver – reduce liver enzymes, improve liver and gallbladder function

Stomach issues/discomfort – Reduce bloating and wind – calm heartburn, reflux, regulate bowels, investigate possible food intolerances

Regulate thyroid hormone levels for an underactive or overactive thyroid gland



Areas of interest:
- Burning Mouth Syndrome 
- Low Energy Levels
- Thyroid conditions 
- Menopause

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Moonee Ponds Mind Body Health Centre
23 Gladstone Street
Moonee Ponds, VIC, 3039

Phone: 03 9372 0499
Mobile: 0403 489 632

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