Setting Realistic New Years Resolutions

I know that most people can discount making New Years Resolutions as ‘no-one ever sticks to them anyway’ and they are right! The stats out there say that between 88 and 92% of resolutions made will not come to fruition.

BUT really how realistic are the goals these people are setting? Are they just setting themselves up for failure?

Common New Year’s resolutions are:

Lose weight
Quit smoking
Eat healthy
Get fit
These goals can be easily achieved but we have to make sure that you don’t set yourself up for failure – the goals you set must be realistic and tailored to what you think you can achieve. This allows you a much better chance of attaining these goals.


I would like to lose 10 kilograms over 10 weeks
I will reduce the amount of cigarettes I smoke by one per day/every 3 days
I would like to increase fruit and vegetables and wholegrains in my diet
I would like to run 5 kilometers

I want to lose 3 kilograms per week
I will quit smoking cold turkey
I will completely overhaul my diet and only eat healthy food
I want to win gold!
To make your goals even more achievable, you should set yourself mini goals as they help you stay on track and motivated. Why not even throw in a reward to treat yourself once you achieve your goals. This gives you something to work towards and keeps up the motivation.


Investigate best weight loss program for me
Ring Quit for a smoking cessation pack
Get advice on healthy diet options
Download ‘Couch to 5k’ app
The other thing that you really need on your side is YOU! If you are not open and willing to make change….it’s not going to happen. A goal you might need to set is ‘what is holding me back?’

If you need any help with your health goals for 2015, please give us a call.


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