Bloating and Endometriosis

“I visited Chantelle at the end of 2018 with serious bloating, my blood disorder constantly causing me pain and my endometriosis causing me immense pain.

Chantelle put me onto a Whole life vitality detox for three weeks in January 2019. At first I was mostly nervous for the change in food and the effort that it required.

Chantelle was wonderful at supporting me through this and the changes were phenomenal. I lost 5kg during the three weeks, unintentionally, as my goal was to reduce bloating and flare ups in my immune system. I am no longer on the detox but i incorporate the advice, recipes and daily tips into my every day life today.

My boating has reduced and when I find myself slipping I know how to regain my focus again. It was worth the few days of sugar withdrawals as I found a new love for sipping herbal tea when I had a sugar craving. I found that this is a lifestyle change and not a diet.

It wasn’t a fad detox it changed my whole focus and I am very grateful for seeing Chantelle. She is very thorough and professional throughout the process. Chantelle is always only an email away and happy to answer any question. Thank you!


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