Assisted with several health issues

“I have been seeing Chantelle Bell for the last 12 months in her capacity as a Naturopath to assist me with several debilitating health issues. I have found her to be both warm and caring but also extremely professional and diligent in her care of me. She has assisted me greatly in overcoming some severe nerve pain issues, digestion and bowel issues and also improving my immune system and energy levels. She has also helped me to overcome poor sleeping issues and to improve my emotional well being through the support of herbs and supplements.

Having battled repeated bouts of extremely severe shingles that left me with ongoing pain for nearly 2 years as well as multiple bouts of bronchitis that would have me laid up in bed for 3-4 weeks at a time along with bowel issues that often caused me great distress and embarrassment I cannot thank Chantelle enough for the improvement in my quality of life.

She has always made every effort to make herself available to help and guide me through the process of healing my body. I am so glad that I committed my time, energy and resources to working along with Chantelle and I thank her for her commitment to my journey.

I continue to work along with Chantelle in my desire for better health as I understand that it took many years for my body to develop these problems but I am grateful that her knowledge and compassion has brought me to a much happier and more enjoyable place in life and that my body is now letting me enjoy life again.”


Areas of interest:
- Perimenopause
- Menopause
- Hormonal and cycle changes
- Burning Mouth Syndrome
- Low Energy Levels

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